Gate Delivery by efood!

Athens Airport collaborates with efood for the service “Gate Delivery by efood”. You can now order your favourite food or beverage at your Departure Gate and have it delivered within 10 minutes!

Ordering is simple:

  • Use the efood Gate Delivery stands located at the Departure Gates or use the efood app on your phone or simply scan the QR code found on your seat and everywhere around you.
  • Select your Departure Gate.
  • Choose a shop and place your order.
  • Have it delivered at the designated pick-up point of your Gate in just 10 minutes.

The service is available only in the Airport’s Schengen area (Gates B).  Shops from which you can order include Airth Coffee & Nuts, Burger King, Bistrot Attica Athens, Coffee Berry, Everest, Eat Greek, Flocafe, Lukumades and Kostarelos.

Useful tips:

  • You can pay in cash or by credit card.
  • The order receipt time must be earlier than your departure time.
  • Your food and beverages may be carried on the aircraft and consumed during the flight if allowed by your airline.
  • The delivery time for Burger King is 20 minutes